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Christian Youth Life Coaching Session (Girls Ages 13-21)


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Hello, My Name Is Tiffany Burke. I Am A Christian Youth Life Coach. I received My Certification in Coaching, because I Myself have Endured some things in Life that has Shifted My Course & I have Something Impactful to Change the Lives of Others. My Journey in Life includes Abandonment, Family Issues, Relationships, Failed Friendships, Entrepreneurship, Depression, Parenthood and More. I turned My Pain into Purpose and I’m here to Help you do The Same. Life isn’t easy and you Always need Someone to help Guide you through. Most times we just need someone who will just LISTEN to Us without Judgment, and I’m here for You. I wanted to be the Woman I was Searching for when I was Younger. My Passion for Younger Women has Grown even Stronger as I see the Disconnect from our Hearts to Our Soul. I Faced many Challenges for this very moment. I am so excited that God Chose me to Mentor so many Ladies. He Saved Me to Help You. This is an Honor, A Privilege, that I do Not take for Granted. You can Trust Me to keep each Session Confidential.
Each Session is One Hour long. No more than One Session can be booked at a time for each Week, So that We give others an Opportunity for a Session. I ask that each Client be Pen and Paper Ready, and Lets do the Work, TOGETHER! I look forward to Meeting you and Coaching you through This next Season!

-Tiffany B, Certified Life Coach

**All Sessions will be Via Phone Only.**
Please Email Tiffany Burke at to confirm date & time of desired appointment.